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Consorcios Tecnológicos en Argentina, Chile, Colombia y Uruguay

This study analyzes the characteristics and the results of programs promoting technological consortiums in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay. These programs are aimed to facilitate the interaction between businesses and institutions dedicated to the production of science and technology. The results of the study put highlight the difficulties and the long time period required to achieve concrete results in technological innovation. The work suggests an evaluation relatively low of participating firms in relation with the impact of these instruments on product and process innovations and the application of patents, although some other aspects, such as improvements in the access to technological knowledge and other areas like marketing and human resources, receive a superior evaluation. This may be due to the fact that several consortiums have little time in operation and they would need more time to be better evaluated.
Trimestre Economico, Vol. 79, No. 313, pp. 227 - 256, Marzo, 2012
Autor(es): Álvarez Roberto, Benavente José Miguel, Contreras Carmen, Contreras José Luis