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Design and application of learning environments based on integrative problems

This work reports on the results obtained from the application of learning environments on the basis of one integrative problem and a series of other smaller problems that limit the contents to be investigated and learned by the students. This methodology, which is a variation to traditional problem-based learning approaches, is here illustrated in terms of its application in an engineering economics course, a subject that is taught in most engineering programs. The purpose of this methodology is to improve students? learning, which is measured through the students? academic performance and their learning strategies, and to characterise them as a function of these variables. The results obtained after the systematic application of this methodology are positive. The surveyed students showed significant changes in the examined variables as well as in their satisfaction and motivation level, and in their commitment to learning.
European Journal of Engineering Education, pp. 445 - 452, 2008
Autor(es): Sánchez Iván, Neriz Liliana, Ramis Francisco