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Forty years of Computers & Industrial Engineering: A bibliometric analysis

Computers & Industrial Engineering (CIE) is a leading international journal in the field of industrial engineering, whose first issue was published in 1976. Motivated by its 40th anniversary in 2016, this study aims to develop a bibliometric analysis of the publications of the journal between 1976 and 2015. The objective is to identify the leading trends of the journal in terms of impact, topics, universities and countries. In doing so, the work uses the Web of Science Core Collection database to analyze the bibliometric data. Additionally, the work also uses the visualization of similarities (VOS) viewer software to map graphically the bibliographic material. The graphical analysis uses bibliographic coupling, co-citation, citation, co-authorship and co-occurrence of keywords. This paper also offers an editorial perspective of the journal’s policy, editorial process, and performance progress.

Computers & Industrial Engineering, Vol. 113, pp. 614 - 629, 2017
Autor(es): Cancino Christian, Merigó José María, Coronado Freddy, Dessouky Yasser, Dessouky Mohamed