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Fuzzy decision making in complex frameworks with generalized aggregation operators

This article presents a new aggregation system applied to fuzzy decision making. The fuzzy generalized unified aggregation operator (FGUAO) is a system that integrates many operators by adding a new aggregation process that considers the relevance that each operator has in the analysis. It also deals with an uncertain environment where the information is studied with fuzzy numbers. A wide range of particular cases and properties are studied. This approach is further extended by using quasi-arithmetic means. The paper ends studying the applicability in decision making problems regarding the European Union decisions. For doing so, the work uses a multi-person aggregation process obtaining the multi-person ? FGUAO operator. An example concerning the fixation of the interest rate by the European Central Bank is presented.
APPLIED SOFT COMPUTING, Vol. 68, pp. 314 - 321, 2018
Autor(es): Merigó José María, Gil-Lafuente AM ., Yu DJ ., Llopis-Albert C