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Orientación emprendedora y orientación de pequeña empresa en Chile y su impacto en el rendimiento de las Pymes chilenas

Focused on Chilean SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), this study reviews the most important determinants of entrepreneurial orientation (EO: innovation, risk proclivity and proactivity) and Small Business Orientation (SBO: emotional involvement and personal purposes) as different and identifiable formulations. Results confirm their independence and positive impact on organizational performance, especially for busi nesses with a greater degree of opportunism. However, as a whole, the study shows thatSBOimproves performance when compared to EO, validated by expert qualification, due to Chilean cultural factors.
Revista de Ciencias Sociales, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 498 - 508, Julio, 2012
Autor(es): Oliva Ismael, Herrera Cristián, Chaparro Sebastián