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Role of tourist’s trust on destination loyalty

The study about loyalty towards tourist destinations has not had the leading role expected, considering the importance of repeated visits to a specific place. One of the factors that could increase this sense of loyalty is trust&& being so, knowing the role of this variable in loyalty takes on huge relevance. From this point of view, the present study analyses the existing relationship between trust and loyalty considering a new configuration of trust. Specifically, a model is proposed where loyalty is determined by the level of trust 1) in the tourist attractions, 2) its services and 3) people you may interact with in the spot. After applying a questionnaire to visitors from different tourist spots, a proposed model was contrasted with structural equations modeling, previously analyzing the psychometric and validity data contained in the measuring scales. The results show that trust has a direct influence on loyalty, mainly based on the attractions and the people who live there.
RBGN-REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE GESTAO DE NEGOCIOS, Vol. 13, No. 39, pp. 159 - 174, 2011
Autor(es): Barra Cristóbal, Torres Eduardo