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The Core Skills of the CIO We Need

Currently, organizations depend  on their Information Systems and  Technology Systems (IS/IT)  functioning  normally, as well as the innovative processes that can arise from them. However, the current performance of the CIO (Chief Information Officer)  can  be questioned  when one contrasts his role as the one responsible for the administration of opportunities given by IS/IT, and  the business value added  by those technologies. In such a scenario, we pose the question  of how the IS/IT professionals acquire articulated  competencies and skills that prepare them for the CIO position. In order to elucidate an answer to our question, we interviewed  professionals in the CIO position, and surveyed  an array of  prestigious graduate programs from the USA, European Union and Asia. The most relevant findings of our study report an operational view towards the CIO in the academic formation as well as in the roles that organizations assign to the professional.
DYNA, Vol. 163, pp. 172 - 180, 2010
Autor(es): La Paz Ariel, Laengle Sigifredo, Cancino Christian