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A bibliometric analysis of venture capital research

Purpose - The purpose of this study is to present the evolution of academic research in venture capital (VC) research between 1990 and 2014.

Design/methodology/approach - The study analyzes the most influential journals in VC research by analyzing papers, which were published on the Web of Science database.

Findings - Results show a steady increasing rate of VC research during the past 25 years. The paper reports the 40 academic journals that permanently publish articles about VC research.

Originality/value - The main contribution of this work is to develop a general overview of the leading journals in VC research, which leads to the development of a future research agenda for bibliometric analysis, such as the review of the most productive and influential authors, universities and countries in VC research.

Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science, Vol. 23, pp. 182 - 195, 2018
Autor(es): Cancino Christian, Merigo Jose María, Torres Juan, Diaz David